Everything we have is provided by the Lord. Our Parish is able to fulfill its mission through the support of the Community. We humbly ask for your Generosity. 
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Holy Mass: 

You can join us for a  live stream transmission of the Holy Mass at St Timothy Catholic Church each Sunday English at 11:00 am 

and Spanish at 1:00 pm 

Misa Santa 

Puede unirse a nosotros para una transmisión en vivo de la Santa Misa en la Iglesia Católica de San Timoteo todos los domingos Inglés a las 11:00 am y Español a la 1:00 pm


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or Email our Pastor frvega@sainttimothycatholic.org 

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puede escribirnos al

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Weekly Bulletins 

Parish Office: (305) 274-8224

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